40 Under 40: Janet Mock Is Our Best Ambassador to the Media
July 28 2014 5:30 AM ET

Janet Mock Is Our Best Ambassador to the Media

Parker Marie Molloy

The Messengers: Janet Mock is one of mainstream media's smartest voices on how to cover trans people. If there's anyone journalists should listen to, it's Mock.

Op-ed: Social Justice Can Cure What Ails Us
July 28 2014 4:07 AM ET

Op-ed: Social Justice Can Cure What Ails Us

Sean Cahill and Sari Reisner

Being discriminated against is bad for your health, according to new findings.

Congresswoman Slams Science Magazine for Transphobic, Sexist Cover
July 27 2014 10:48 AM ET

Congresswoman Slams Magazine for Transphobic, Sexist Cover

Parker Marie Molloy

California Rep. Jackie Speier speaks out on the magazine's recent controversial cover image featuring transgender sex workers.

WATCH: Mormon Mom Help Transgender Son Accept Himself
July 26 2014 2:04 PM ET

WATCH: Mormon Mom Helps Transgender Son Accept Himself

Mitch Kellaway

One devout Mormon mother shows how embracing her son's gender transition is the epitome of practicing her faith.

WATCH: Model Andreja Pejic Comes Out as a Transgender Woman
July 25 2014 8:40 AM ET

WATCH: Model Comes Out as Transgender Woman

Parker Marie Molloy

The famously androgynous model announced on 'Entertainment Tonight' that she has struggled with her gender identity since she was 13 years old, but finally feels secure enough to be open about it.

Op-Ed: Lessons From Filming a Trans Web Series
July 25 2014 7:08 AM ET

Op-ed: Lessons From Filming a Trans Web Series

Emmett Lundberg

Brothers director Emmett Lundberg explains how creating a show about trans people brings unique pressures to the casting process.

Op-ed: Why Janet Mock's New Job Gives Me Hope
July 25 2014 6:06 AM ET

Op-ed: Why Janet Mock's New Job Gives Me Hope

Rebecca Juro

Janet Mock's appointment as a contributing editor at Marie Claire is a promising turning point for trans women controlling their own stories in media.

WATCH: Trans Girl's Discrimination Sparks Change in Catholic School Policy
July 24 2014 5:03 PM ET

WATCH: Victory for Trans Girl Discriminated Against by Catholic School

Mitch Kellaway

In response to 11-year-old Tracey Wilson's human rights complaint, Vancouver's schools have become more open to trans students — though some say support doesn't go far enough.

WATCH: Kicked Out for Being Trans, Teen Explains How He Survived
July 24 2014 12:16 PM ET

WATCH: Homeless Trans Teen Retraces Path to Survival

Mitch Kellaway

Viewers get a rare glimpse into the daily struggles and resilience of a youth turned out of his home at age 15 for being transgender.

Even Conn. Agency Concerned by DCF's Handling of Trans Teen Jane Doe
July 24 2014 12:06 PM ET

Even Conn. Agency Worried by DCF's Handling of Trans Teen

Parker Marie Molloy

Connecticut's Office of the Child Advocate took the Department of Children and Families to task after a months-long debacle involving a 16-year-old transgender girl.

Maryland to Provide Transition Care to Trans State Employees
July 22 2014 11:28 AM ET

Good News for Transgender State Employees in Md.

Parker Marie Molloy

Just months after the passage of sweeping, statewide nondiscrimination statute protecting transgender people, Maryland announces that trans state employees will no longer face discrimination in insurance.

Slain Baltimore Trans Women Was Sibling to NBA Star
July 21 2014 5:19 PM ET

Slain Baltimore Trans Woman Was Sibling to NBA Star

Parker Marie Molloy

After learning his sister's death, Los Angeles Clippers player Reggie Bullock expressed sadness, praising his sibling for teaching him how to live his own life.

Christian Univ. Adjusts, Stands By Discriminatory Trans Housing Policy
July 21 2014 1:36 PM ET July 22 2014 12:33 PM ET

Christian Univ. Adjusts, Stands By Trans Housing Policy

Parker Marie Molloy

George Fox University will now allow students who have undergone specific gender-confirming surgeries to be housed in accordance with their gender. Others will be housed according to their sex assigned at birth.