WATCH: Video of La. Trans Woman Calling Councilman's Bluff Goes Viral
January 23 2014 2:37 PM ET

WATCH: Fierce La. Trans Woman Goes Viral

Parker Marie Molloy

Pamela Raintree made headlines last week after daring a Shreveport city councilman to stone her to death. Responding to praise and a push to run for office, Raintree opts to focus on her activism.

Buck Angel on Why We Need a Dialogue That Includes Listening
January 23 2014 6:00 AM ET

Buck Angel: We Need a Dialogue That Includes Listening

Sunnivie Brydum

The entertainer turned activist is determined to stay positive despite sometimes feeling frustrated by the state of conversation on trans issues.

WATCH: Exclusive Clip From 'My Prairie Home'
January 22 2014 7:00 AM ET

WATCH: Exclusive Clip From My Prairie Home

Daniel Reynolds

Now screening at Sundance, this musical documentary shows trans musician Rae Spoon's journey of self discovery amid the Canadian countryside.

WATCH: CeCe McDonald Makes First Television Appearance Following Release From Men's Prison
January 21 2014 1:36 PM ET

WATCH: CeCe McDonald Makes First Television Appearance

Parker Marie Molloy

After serving 19 months in a men's prison, CeCe McDonald sat down with MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss prison culture and the experience of being a trans inmate.

Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Inmate
January 17 2014 6:11 PM ET

Fed. Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Trans Inmate

Parker Marie Molloy

A federal appeals court today upheld a judge's 2012 ruling that transgender inmates should have access to transition-related care while they are incarcerated.

Anti-LGBT Organization Again Takes Aim at Colo. Trans Student 'Jane Doe'
January 17 2014 4:42 PM ET

Anti-LGBT Organization Again Takes Aim at Colo. Trans Student

Parker Marie Molloy

One of the groups behind Proposition 8 and the ongoing efforts to repeal California's trans student law is again targeting a single trans student in Colorado.

Trans Woman Dares Bible-Quoting Councilman to Stone Her to Death
January 17 2014 4:14 PM ET

WATCH: Trans Woman Calls Councilman's Bluff

Parker Marie Molloy

A Shreveport, La., City Council member Tuesday withdrew a bill that would repeal the city's recently passed antidiscrimination ordinance following backlash from residents, including one woman willing to call his bluff.

Transgender Woman Assaulted in Possible Hate Crime
January 16 2014 2:23 PM ET

Transgender Woman Assaulted in Possible Hate Crime

Parker Marie Molloy

The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force has been assigned to the case involving the assault on a transgender woman in an Astoria diner.

Op-Ed: I'm Not Convinced Keith Ablow Is An Ethical Doctor
January 16 2014 10:50 AM ET

Op-Ed: I'm 'Not Convinced' Keith Ablow Is Ethical

Parker Marie Molloy

2011 Misinformer of the Year Dr. Keith Ablow recently reaffirmed his belief that trans people don't exist, citing lack of "definitive proof."

Op-ed: When Stigma Overshadows The News
January 16 2014 6:30 AM ET

Op-ed: When Stigma Overshadows News

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Do LGBT news outlets do a disservice when they don't report on egregious things that happen among our population?

Federal Agency Reviewing Trans-Exclusionary Insurance Policies
January 15 2014 11:55 AM ET January 16 2014 3:31 PM ET

Federal Agency Reviewing Trans-Exclusive Insurance Policies

Parker Marie Molloy

The Office of Personnel Management is reviewing the insurance policies currently offered to agency employees, evaluating whether or not to include transition-related care on future plans.

Transgender Rights Bill Introduced in Maryland
January 14 2014 5:04 PM ET

Trans Rights Bill Introduced in Maryland

Parker Marie Molloy

A newly introduced piece of legislation aims to make Maryland the 18th state to outlaw discrimination against transgender people.

CeCe McDonald Released from Prison, Greeted by Laverne Cox
January 14 2014 1:21 PM ET

Laverne Cox Picks Up CeCe McDonald From Prison

Parker Marie Molloy

Transgender folk hero CeCe McDonald walks free after being paroled two thirds of the way through her sentence for manslaughter.