Op-ed: Why The CDC’s Latest HIV Report Is So Alarming
January 08 2014 4:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Why The CDC’s Latest HIV Report Is So Alarming

Leela Ginelle

And what the CDC is doing to offset high HIV transmission rates among transgender women.

Toronto Star Columnist Publishes Unverified Antitransgender Claims, Faces Backlash
January 07 2014 11:48 AM ET

Did This Toronto Star Columnist Act Unethically?

Parker Marie Molloy

The Toronto Star's Ken Gallinger published an anonymous letter that seemed designed to ignite antitrans sentiment, but did he act unethically?

Israeli Police Officers Arrested Following Attack on Transgender Woman
January 06 2014 1:27 PM ET

Israeli Police Officers Arrested in Transgender Attack

Parker Marie Molloy

A transgender woman was attacked Saturday morning by a group of men, and the suspects include off-duty members of Israel's Border Police.

Year in Review: 10 Important Transgender Moments of 2013
January 04 2014 6:00 AM ET

Top Transgender Moments of 2013

Parker Marie Molloy

Last year could go down in the books as a turning point in the fight for transgender rights and acceptance, with key legislative, visibility, and judicial victories.

Anti-LGBT Activist Links Trans People to Satan, Calls Robin Roberts 'Tragic'
January 03 2014 4:49 PM ET

Anti-LGBT Activist Links Trans People to Satan

Parker Marie Molloy

Peter LaBarbera, head of the anti-LGBT Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, sounds off on Robin Roberts, President Obama, and transgender people in a new interview.

Staffers for Former Utah Attorney General Caught Sending Transphobic Emails
January 03 2014 3:56 PM ET

Utah Ex-AG's Staffers Caught Sending Transphobic Emails

Parker Marie Molloy

An ongoing investigation of former Utah attorney general John Swallow has netted an unexpected discovery regarding transphobia within the 2012 Swallow reelection campaign.

CeCe McDonald to Be Released From Prison
January 03 2014 10:28 AM ET

CeCe McDonald to Be Released From Prison

Parker Marie Molloy

McDonald will be released from prison January 13. Meanwhile, Orange Is the New Black star and fellow African-American trans woman Laverne Cox is producing a documentary about McDonald's life.

20 Years After Brandon Teena's Death, Trans Rights Still Have a Long Way to Go
January 02 2014 5:13 PM ET

The Death of Brandon Teena: 20 Years Later

Parker Marie Molloy

Two decades after a Nebraska transgender man was brutally murdered, what has changed in the world of transgender rights?

Indiana Appeals Court: Gender Change Does Not Void Marriage
January 02 2014 6:00 AM ET

Indiana Court: Gender Change Does Not Void Marriage

Parker Marie Molloy

A law prohibiting same-sex marriage does not automatically void marriages between transgender individuals and their cisgender spouses, the court ruled.

Trans Golfer Still Trying to Join Pro Tour Even While Claiming to Have Unfair Advantage
January 01 2014 4:00 PM ET

Trans Golfer Still Trying to Go Pro, Claims She Has Unfair Advantage

Parker Marie Molloy

Bobbi Lancaster is trying to become the first openly transgender athlete to play on the LPGA Tour, even while arguing she has a natural advantage in competition.

Trans Scientist and Ted Talker in Critical After Animal Attack
January 01 2014 2:48 PM ET

Trans Scientist in Critical Condition After Animal Attack

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Kate Stone, a research engineer at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Manufacturing, and founder of the technology company, Novalia, was gored by a wild buck in freak attack.

Connecticut Becomes Fifth State to Require Transgender Medical Coverage
December 31 2013 3:10 PM ET

Fifth State Requires Insurers to Cover Gender Transition

Parker Marie Molloy

The state's insurance department issued a directive informing health insurance companies operating within the state that they are now required to cover benefits.