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PHOTOS: Russian Parliament Passes Antigay Bill, Protesters Detained

PHOTOS: Protests Spark as Russia Advances Antigay Bill

In a 463-0 vote, Russia's State Duma approved a measure that would ban LGBT events or public discussion and prohibit individuals from providing information to minors about the LGBT community.

Glenn Greenwald Can’t Live in the U.S.

Why Glenn Greenwald Can’t Live in the U.S.

The gay columnist who broke the story revealing NSA spying methods chooses not to live in the U.S. because his marriage isn’t recognized by the federal government.

Rep. Says Military Should Repeal DADT's Dishonorable Discharges

Rep. Says Military Should Repeal DADT's Dishonorable Discharges

Rep. Steve Israel called the practice a 'longtime injustice that needs to be righted.'

Gay Investigative Reporter Glenn Greenwald Exposed Govt Surveillance

Being a binational same-sex couple has affected this investigative journalist's life in more ways than one—starting with a move to Brazil

WATCH: Michelle Obama Shuts Down Lesbian Activist

Here’s video evidence of why you should never interrupt the FLOTUS

StudentsFirst Drops Award for Antigay Rep After Boy’s Campaign

Boy Takes Down Antigay Rep

Marcel Neergaard persuaded StudentsFirst to rescind its award to his antigay representative. He is also 11 years old.

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