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Homeland Security Directive Will Help Binational Gay Couples Stay Together

New Directive Will Help Binational Gay Couples Stay Together

In immigration proceedings, the federal government will consider same-sex couples families, making it less likely binational couples will be separated by deportation.

Lesbian Prime Minister of Iceland to Retire

Iceland's Lesbian Prime Minister to Retire

Johanna Sigurdardottir, the first openly gay or lesbian head of a national government, announced she will quit politics next year.

Is Canada a Safe Haven for LGBT Iranians?

Researcher Counts Millions of Uses of Gay Slurs on Twitter

Researcher Counts Millions of Uses of Gay Slurs on Twitter

A website calling itself a "social mirror" has found 2.5 million uses of the word "faggot" on Twitter since it started counting in early July.

Chronicling the LGBT Familes Who Used the Court System for Change

When the State Discriminates

Author Carlos A. Ball chronicles the stories of LGBT parents who have fundamentally changed how American law defines and regulates parenthood in this excerpt from The Right to Be Parents: LGBT Families and the Transformation of Parenthood.

Senator Becomes First Republican to Join LGBT Immigration Bill

Senator Is First Republican to Back LGBT Immigration Bill


Applications Now Accepted for LGBT Funded Dreamers Scholarship

Applications Now Accepted for LGBT Dreamers Scholarship

A $75,000 scholarship fund created by LGBT people for LGBT undocument immigrants officially started accepting applications today.

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