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NOM President to Receive Honorary Degree

NOM President to Receive Honorary Degree

Brian Brown to receive honorary degree from an organization with unclear scholastic ties.

75 Prominent Republicans Say Marriage Is Constitutional Right

75 Prominent Republicans: Marriage Is Constitutional Right

Dozens of prominent Republicans including Meg Whitman, Jon Huntsman, Christine Todd Whitman, and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen support marriage equality.

Meet the Llama Farmer Who Was Fired for Being Gay

Meet the Llama Farmer Fired for Being Gay

Kevin McCaffery, a Kentucky man, is struggling to keep his animal sanctuary (home to 51 llamas and more than 300 animals) alive

Jindal Doesn't Believe GOP Needs to Embrace Gay Rights

Jindal Doesn't Believe GOP Needs to Embrace Gay Rights

The Louisiana governor speaks on Sunday's Meet the Press.

Will Gay Obama Fundraiser Rufus Gifford Be Next Ambassador to Denmark?

He's one of the most powerful openly gay men in Washington at the moment

Log Cabin Selects Outspoken New Leader

Log Cabin Selects Outspoken New Leader

The national organization for gay Republicans selected Gregory T. Angelo as its new executive director.

PFLAG Founder Honored With Presidential Citizen's Medal

Obama Honors PFLAG Founder With Citizen's Medal

Jeanne Manford, who died earlier this year, was honored with a medal from President Barack Obama for her advocacy.

Senators Ask Obama for Executive Order Banning LGBT Employment Discrimination by Federal Contractors

Senators Call on Obama to Act Against Discrimination

Democratic Senators from across the country called on President Obama for an executive order barring employment discrimination against LGBT people by federal contractors.

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