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The former secretary of state wins Tuesday's biggest contest, while the Vermont senator tops the Utah and Idaho caucuses.

9:39 PM Updated

Donald Trump has been declared the winner of Arizona's winner-take-all Republican primary, while Ted Cruz takes the Utah caucus.

9:28 PM Updated

A supporter of Donald Trump wants to hear from like-minded folks who feel they've been victimized by supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

6:56 PM

As he sought input from the right-wing Heritage Foundation, Donald Trump’s shortlist of Supreme Court nominees is certain to be roundly, virulently anti-LGBT. 

6:16 PM

Republicans in North Carolina are making an end run around their own GOP governor to stop anti-discrimination protections about to go into effect in Charlotte.

5:20 PM

The U.S. president cited equality for historically disadvantaged groups as one of the "enormous gains" of democracy.

4:37 PM

The state legislature, which has the power to overrule municipal laws, is targeting an ordinance allowing transgender people to use the public restrooms matching their gender identity.

March 21 2016 11:10 PM