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Christine Quinn on the Rise

Gay Conservative Leader Defends Romney Endorsement

Gay Conservative Leader Defends Romney Endorsement

GOProud cofounder Jimmy LaSalvia defended the group’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, saying the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has “a long record of dealing with gay people."

Big Wins for LGBT Workers in New Bloomingdale’s Contract

Can Bloomingdale’s Change Gay Life in Retail?

A new union contract includes strong anti-discrimination language and benefits like paternity leave. But the vast majority of LGBT retail workers still lack basic protections.

Gay Conservative Group Endorses Romney

Gay Conservative Group Endorses Romney

GOProud, the group that represents gay conservatives and their allies, announced its endorsement of Mitt Romeny for president, saying that, “The truth is that gay people are living in the disastrous failed Obama economy too.”

New York Moves to Curb Cyberbullying

New York Moves to Curb Cyberbullying

Legislation to protect students from online harassment will make New York’s antibullying laws among the most comprehensive in the nation, say backers.

A Place at the White House Table

PHOTOS: A Place at the (White House) Table

The faces in the crowd reflect a renewed sense of hope during President Obama's fourth LGBT Pride reception in the White House.

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