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NYC Council Saves HIV AIDS and Homeless LGBT Services

NYC Council Saves HIV/AIDS, Homeless LGBT Services

New York City advocates spoke out after the City Council voted to retain funding for several key services, including the Runaway and Homeless Youth Services program, and funding for HIV/AIDS h

Pentagon Hosts First Pride Celebration
June 27 2012 12:57 AM ET

Pentagon Pride: More Work to be Done

The Defense Department recognized LGBT Pride Month for the first time by cheering DADT repeal but acknowledging the implementation work that remains.

Supreme Court Rejects Most of AZ Immigration Law


New York Celebrates Marriage Equality Anniversary

NYC Pride: One Year After Marriage Equality

Sunday marked the first anniversary of the passage of the marriage equality law in New York. Pride marchers celebrated with a party, by reflecting on the year’s achievements, and by setting a to-do list.

Pride Attendees Attacked By Crowd

Pride Attendees Attacked By Crowd

Gay Activists Flipping Bird at White House Flips Off Americans

Gay Activists Flipping Bird at White House Flips Off Americans

Yesterday Philadelphia magazine published photos of three Pennsylva

GOProuds Romney Endorsement Had Only Two Gay Backers

GOProud's Romney Endorsement Had Only Two Gay Backers

When GOProud, the conservative LGBT group, backed Mitt Romney, few LGBT board members supported the decision.

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