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Barbara Walters to Help Celebrate Anniversary of DADTs Death

Barbara Walters to Help Celebrate Anniversary of DADT's Death

Close to the one-year anniversary of the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," journalist Barbara Walters will emcee an event honoring LGBT troops as well as repeal advocate Admiral Mike Mullen, forme

WATCH Rick Santorums Speech at RNC

WATCH: Rick Santorum's RNC Speech

The failed presidential candidate makes a veiled reference against marriage equality, instead choosing to attack abortion rights.

Hurricane Isaac Threatens to Rain on GOP Parade

Isaac Already Stealing Romney's Thunder, Could Storm Cancel Convention?

With Tropical Storm Isaac picking up speed and heading for the Gulf Coast, the Republican Party has a big decision to make: carry on with its convention or scrap it altogether.

Chick fil A Means Free Speech to Paul Ryan

To Paul Ryan, Chick-fil-A Means Free Speech

The Republican vice-presidential pick made the statement during a TV interview in Virginia.

WATCH Attorney General Says LGBT Lawyers Have Common Cause With Obama Administration

WATCH: AG Holder to LGBT Lawyers: 'Common Cause' With Obama Administration

Attorney General Eric Holder, addressing the LGBT Bar Association, said attendees have a solemn responsibility to keep up the fight for equality.

WATCH Kirk Cameron Defends Todd Akin

WATCH: Kirk Cameron Defends Todd Akin

GOP Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin can rest easy now that Mike Seaver has his back.

Ed Koch Compares Pussy Riot to ACT UP

Ed Koch Against Pussy Riot

The former mayor of New York City says Putin was right to have punk band Pussy Riot arrested and prosecuted.

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