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WATCH Kirk Cameron Defends Todd Akin

WATCH: Kirk Cameron Defends Todd Akin

GOP Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin can rest easy now that Mike Seaver has his back.

Ed Koch Compares Pussy Riot to ACT UP

Ed Koch Against Pussy Riot

The former mayor of New York City says Putin was right to have punk band Pussy Riot arrested and prosecuted.

Draft Republican Platform Ratchets Up Defense of Marriage

Draft Republican Platform Ratchets Up 'Defense of Marriage'

Platform language advancing in Tampa reaffirms the party’s support for a federal constitutional amendment and blasts the “open defiance” of the Obama administration against DOMA.

Minnesota Dems Turn Against Male Lawmaker Who Hooked Up With 17 Year Old Boy

Minnesota Dems Turn on Lawmaker Who Hooked Up With Teen

Minnesota legislator Kerry Gauthier endangered his party's chances of regaining control of the state House after news broke that he had hooked up with a 17-year-old boy.

Moscow Court Upholds Ban on Gay Pride for Next Century

Moscow Court Upholds Ban on Gay Pride for Next Century

A Moscow court has upheld a municipal district ruling outlawing LGBT pride marches until 2112.

Jacksonville Fails Its LGBT Citizens By Rejecting Work Protections

Jacksonville Fails Its LGBT Citizens, Rejects Work Protections

The City Council of Jacksonville, Fla. on Wednesday rejected an ordinance that would have protected people from being fired for being gay or transgender.

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