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Obama Opposes Boy Scouts Gay Ban

Obama Opposes Boy Scouts' Gay Ban

President Barack Obama joined rival Mitt Romney on Wednesday in vocally opposing the Boy Scouts of America's recently reaffirmed ban on gay scouts and LGBT troop leaders.

UN Condemns Liberian Antigay Bill

UN Condemns Liberian Antigay Bill

The United Nations last week condemned a proposed law in Liberia that would further criminalize gay and lesbian people.

BREAKING: Out Lesbian Recommended for Federal Judgeship in New York
August 02 2012 7:34 PM ET

Obama Nominates Out Lesbian for Federal Judgeship

Sen. Charles Schumer has recommended Pamela Ki Mai Chen, who could become only the second female Chinese-American and one of a handful of out lesbians to serve on the federal bench.

Prop 8 Supporters Petition For Supreme Court Hearing

Prop 8 Getting Closer to Supreme Court?

The antigay leaders behind Proposition 8 want the U.S. Supreme Court to review the legal challenge to the state-wide constitutional ban on marriage equality.

Florida Lt Governor Apologies for Lesbian Comment

Florida Lt. Governor Apologizes for Lesbian Comment

The Florida lieutenant governor accused of a lesbian affair is apologizing for something she said while defending herself from the allegation.

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