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D.C. Republican Committee Adopts Inclusive Platform

D.C. Republican Committee Adopts Gay-Inclusive Platform

The D.C. Republican Committee adopted language inclusive of “sexual orientation” in its platform.

Gay Cubans Demand Rights Ahead of Pride

Gay Cubans Demand Rights Ahead of Pride

Gay Cuban activists and their allies presented a list of demands to lawmakers Thursday in advance of this weekend's Pride celebration.

Northern Ireland Gay Blood Ban Case May Proceed

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law

Supreme Court Backs Health Care Law, LGBT Leaders Cheer

Except for gay conservative groups, advocates see the decision as a victory for the president and LGBT Americans who disproportionately face barriers to accessing health care.

US Embassy Gives Kenya Its First LGBT Pride Event

U.S. Embassy Holds Kenya's First LGBT Pride Event

The event, a low-key forum at the embassy in Nairobi, was part of the Obama administration's campaign for global LGBT rights.

NOM-Backed Candidate to Challenge Gillibrand

NOM-Backed Candidate to Challenge Gillibrand

Republican primary winner Wendy Long once said she would not attend a same-sex wedding on principle.

Gay Candidate Wins New York Congressional Primary

Gay Candidate Wins New York Congressional Primary

Sean Patrick Maloney, a gay former aide to President Bill Clinton, won the Democratic primary and will face Rep. Nan Hayworth, who has a moderate reputation on LGBT rights compared to some other Tea Party-backed Republicans.

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