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Log Cabin Deputy to Step Down

Conservative Prodigy Abandons Party Supports Marriage Equality

Conservative Prodigy Abandons Party, Supports Marriage Equality

After being dubbed the wunderkind of the conservative movement, Jonathan Krohn is abandoning the party that embraced him at the Conservative Political Action Conference three years ago.

Senator John Kerry and Representative Barbara Lee Among Most LGBT Supportive Congress Members

Sen. Kerry, Rep. Lee Among Most LGBT-Supportive Congress Members

Democratic senators Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Patty Murray of Washington and California Representative Barbara Lee are the most supportive Congress members when it co

DOJ Wants Supreme Court to Hear DOMA Cases

Will SCOTUS Hear DOMA Cases in 2013?

After the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly found the health care overhaul to be legally sound, the Department of Justice takes an opportunity to advance marriage equality through the court.

BET Profiles Frank Mugisha

D.C. Republican Committee Adopts Inclusive Platform

D.C. Republican Committee Adopts Gay-Inclusive Platform

The D.C. Republican Committee adopted language inclusive of “sexual orientation” in its platform.

Gay Cubans Demand Rights Ahead of Pride

Gay Cubans Demand Rights Ahead of Pride

Gay Cuban activists and their allies presented a list of demands to lawmakers Thursday in advance of this weekend's Pride celebration.

Northern Ireland Gay Blood Ban Case May Proceed

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law

Supreme Court Backs Health Care Law, LGBT Leaders Cheer

Except for gay conservative groups, advocates see the decision as a victory for the president and LGBT Americans who disproportionately face barriers to accessing health care.

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