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Scalia Knows (Closeted) Homosexuals
October 07 2013 12:41 PM ET

Scalia Says He Has (Closeted) Gay Friends

Sunnivie Brydum

In a wide-ranging interview with New York magazine, the senior-most Supreme Court justice discussed profanity, the Internet, the devil, and the gay people in his life who haven't come out to him. 

WATCH: Liz Cheney Attacked Over Marriage Equality in New Ad
October 07 2013 11:55 AM ET

WATCH: New Ad Says Liz Cheney Isn't Antigay Enough

Lucas Grindley

The Wyoming U.S. Senate candidate used to say conciliatory things about marriage equality but now asserts that she is "not pro-gay marriage."

Book Excerpt: Gender Is More Than Performance
October 07 2013 6:00 AM ET

Why Gender Is More Than Performance

Julia Serano

Trans-bi author and activist Julia Serano decimates the often employed claim that 'all gender is performance' in this exclusive excerpt from her new book, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, now available through Seal Press

Immigration, Trans Advocates Call for Trans-Inclusive Reform
October 04 2013 5:18 PM ET

Immigration, Trans Advocates Call for Trans-Inclusive Reform

Sunnivie Brydum

A new study from the National Center for Transgender Equality highlights the imperative for immigration reform to consider the struggles faced by undocumented transgender people.

Out Pa. Rep. Brian Sims Responds to Gov.'s Incest Comparison
October 04 2013 4:29 PM ET

Out Rep. Brian Sims Responds to Gov.'s Incest Comparison

Nicholas Cimarusti

Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims wrote a Facebook status update in response to governor Tom Corbett's interview on Friday, in which the Republican governor compared same-sex marriage to incest.

Southern Baptist Slams George and Barbara Bush for Witnessing Same-Sex Wedding
October 04 2013 3:24 PM ET

Southern Baptist Slams Bushes for Witnessing Lesbian Wedding

Sunnivie Brydum

The President of the Southern Baptists Theological Seminary says attending the same-sex wedding of a friend cannot be a 'neutral act.'

WATCH: Christie's Opponent Supports Marriage Equality
October 04 2013 2:11 PM ET

WATCH: Christie's Opponent Supports Marriage Equality

Nicholas Cimarusti

A new ad for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono, doubles as an endorsement for marriage equality.

WATCH: Dems Pressure Pentagon to Enforce Spousal Benefits for Gay National Guardsmen
October 04 2013 1:45 PM ET

WATCH: Pentagon Pressured to Curb Rogue National Guard Units Denying Gay Spousal Benefits

Sunnivie Brydum

State National Guards in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma must extend benefits to married gay and lesbian service members, say two leading congressional Democrats.

WATCH: Penn. Governor Awkwardly Compares Marriage Equality to Incest
October 04 2013 12:44 PM ET October 08 2013 5:11 PM ET

WATCH: Penn. Governor Makes Incest Comparison

Michelle Garcia

Gov. Corbett makes an awkward comparison about marriage equality and incest.

WATCH: Out State Rep. Brian Sims Introduces Pa. Marriage Equality Act
October 03 2013 8:36 PM ET October 04 2013 12:26 PM ET

WATCH: Out Lawmaker Introduces Pa. Marriage Equality Act

Sunnivie Brydum

Meanwhile, a state official said that extending marriage benefits to same-sex couples was like 'giving money to people's pets.'