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Chris Hughes, Business Leaders Stay on Sidelines in North Carolina

Why Is Business Sidelined for Amendment One?

Something is keeping a number of influential players in North Carolina on the sidelines as voters prepare to head to the polls this month to decide on Amendment One.

House Strips LGBT Provision from Domestic Violence Act

VAWA May Lose LGBT Inclusiveness

The day after the Senate approved the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act with LGBT-inclusive provisions, members of the Republican-controlled House introduced their own version of the bill, which excludes coverage for LGBT citizens. 

Dustin Lance Black Says His Obama Comments Were Misunderstood

Dustin Lance Black: My Obama Comments Were Misunderstood

The Oscar-winner and board member for the American Foundation for Equal Rights says an op-ed in which he allegedly criticized President Obama's record on same-sex marriage has been misunderstood. 

Hawaii Conservative Group Defending Marriage Ban in Federal Court

Group Steps in to Defend Hawaii's Marriage Ban

A Hawaii social conservative group can defend the state’s anti-gay marriage law in court, a federal judge has ruled.

Retraction of ExGay Study May Affect Prop 8 Trial

Scratch That: No Such Thing as Ex-Gay

Robert Spitzer's recent retraction of his 2001 study suggesting so-called ex-gay therapy can be effective may be a gateway to striking down Proposition 8 in court.

Video: N.C. Senator Kay Hagan Slams Amendment One

With less than two weeks to go before North Carolina voters decide Amendment One, U.S. senator Kay Hagan has offered video testimony as to why it should be rejected.

What Exactly Are President Obama Second Term Socks

Waiting for President Obama's "Second-Term Socks"

What exactly was the punchline when President Obama kidded during an interview released today with Rolling Stone that a pair of pink socks might have to wait to be worn until his second term?

Is Mitt Romney Not Christian Enough for Liberty University

Is Mitt Romney Not Christian Enough for Liberty University?

Is Mitt Romney Not Christian Enough for Liberty University?

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