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If Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is elected, decades of progress will be reversed, writes Brynn Tannehill.

December 16 2015 5:16 AM

Donald Trump says he won't run outside the party structure, as does Ben Carson, in a foreign policy debate marked by many contentious moments.

December 16 2015 12:50 AM

The candidates in the early debate claim President Obama hasn't done enough to fight terrorism, but they also decry Donald Trump's call to keep Muslims from immigrating to the U.S.

December 15 2015 9:43 PM

The GOP presidential candidate lays out his plan to end same-sex marriage.

December 15 2015 4:48 PM

The publisher of the skin magazine wants Carson to disavow his association with a top aide or else he'll go after the candidate's right-hand man. 

December 14 2015 7:24 PM