Kirk Cameron Blames Liberal Press For Twisting His Antigay Comments
September 08 2012 7:25 PM ET

Kirk Cameron Blames Liberal Press For Twisting His Antigay Comments

Jeremy Kinser

Kirk Cameron, who generated an avalanche of negative press for his antigay comments last March, says he's OK "with the way things worked out," and blames the "liberal press" for looking for things to twist and take out of context.

Just Dont Ask Ann Romney About Lesbian Mothers
September 08 2012 2:47 PM ET

Just Don't Ask Ann Romney About Lesbian Mothers

Jeremy Kinser

During an interview Friday, Ann Romney refused to answer questions about same-sex marriage, insisting she would only speak about the real voting issues of the upcoming election.

WATCH Vikings Chris Kluwe Discusses His ProGay Letter
September 08 2012 1:45 PM ET

WATCH: Vikings' Chris Kluwe Discusses His Pro-Gay Letter

Jeremy Kinser

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, whose blistering letter defending gay rights has made him a hero to the LGBT community, says he wrote it because it's an issue of "free speech and civil rights."

Concerns Raised Over Mental Health of Gay Detainee
September 07 2012 6:21 PM ET

Concerns Raised Over Gay Detainee's Mental Health

Nazly Siadate

Friends and relatives of an undocumented immigrant who fled antigay violence in Peru fear he is not receiving proper treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Goes Off on Antigay Lawmaker
September 07 2012 5:50 PM ET

Vikings Punter Goes Off on Antigay Lawmaker

Michelle Garcia

When Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo voiced his support for marriage equality, a Maryland state lawmaker asked the teams' management to censure him.

WATCH Barney Frank Calls Log Cabin Republicans Uncle Toms
September 07 2012 3:16 PM ET

WATCH: Barney Frank Slams Log Cabin With 'Uncle Tom' Comment

Trudy Ring

The comparison prompted a response from Log Cabin and some distancing remarks from LGBT leaders.

Transgender Delegation Makes DNC Especially Historic
September 07 2012 2:30 PM ET

Transgender Delegation Makes DNC 'Especially Historic'

David Aaron Moore of QNotes

The 2012 Democratic National Convention boasted the largest number of transgender delegates ever.

Wanda Sykes Assures the Right Wing They Will Not Be Forced to Attend a Gay Wedding
September 07 2012 1:52 PM ET

Wanda Sykes to Right Wing: No One Will Force You to Attend a Gay Wedding

Lucas Grindley

Out comedian and actress Wanda Sykes says the right wing has the wrong idea about gay people who want to get married.

Ireland Nears Recognition of Trans Identities
September 07 2012 1:50 PM ET

Ireland to Recognize Trans Identities

Sunnivie Brydum

Legislation permitting transgender people to amend their birth certificate is pending introduction in Ireland, the only European country without legal recognition for trans identities.

Thompson Campaign Leader Attacks Baldwin Over Gay Pride Event
September 07 2012 1:16 PM ET September 07 2012 3:46 PM ET

GOP's Antigay Attacks Begin in Tammy Baldwin's Senate Bid

Julie Bolcer

Brian Nemoir e-mailed a video and tweeted about the congresswoman’s appearance at a Pride festival in 2010.

Cardinal Dolan Appears to Pray for Marriage Protection at DNC
September 07 2012 10:39 AM ET

Cardinal Dolan Appears to Pray for Marriage Protection at DNC

Julie Bolcer

The Roman Catholic leader prayed so that humanity might not “remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community.”

Obama Makes The Case That Hope Is Lasting
September 07 2012 12:42 AM ET

Obama Makes The Case That Hope Is Lasting

Lucas Grindley

In an appeal to LGBT voters, the president defended them against scapegoating for America's problems while offering his vision of an improving future.

LGBT College Democrats Leader: It's Still About Youth
September 06 2012 8:11 PM ET

LGBT College Dems Leader: It's Still About Youth

Michelle Garcia

The president of College Democrats of America is a Latina LGBT law student for Obama.

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