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Aaron Schock Tells GQ What the GOP and Taylor Swift Have in Common
November 12 2012 7:43 PM ET

Rep. Aaron Schock on What GOP, Taylor Swift Have in Common

Neal Broverman

Aaron Schock, the 31-year-old Illinois congressman and one of the GOP's most eligible bachelors, is clearly familiar with the oeuvre of Taylor Swift.

Gary Bauer Insists Republicans Would Win If Only They Were More Antigay
November 12 2012 4:56 PM ET

WATCH: Gary Bauer Insists GOP Can Win If More Antigay

Lucas Grindley

As Republicans argue about the future of their party, Gary Bauer claims the way to lure minority voters into the fold is by amplifying their antigay policy positions.

Kyrsten Sinema Becomes Nation's First Openly Bi Congresswoman
November 12 2012 2:38 PM ET January 07 2014 3:37 PM ET

VOTES COUNTED: Kyrsten Sinema Is First Openly Bi Congresswoman

Neal Broverman

The race to represent Arizona's ninth district was too close to call until Monday morning.

WATCH Veterans Day Video Spotlights DOMA Harms
November 12 2012 2:14 PM ET

WATCH: Veterans Day Video Spotlights DOMA Harms

Julie Bolcer

“Same Skin” shows how federal law treats gay and straight service members differently, although they make the same sacrifice for the country.

Vatican Comes Out Hard Against Marriage Equality
November 11 2012 9:38 PM ET

Vatican Comes Out Hard Against Marriage Equality

Neal Broverman

The Vatican will battle marriage equality with even more fervor following gains in the U.S. and western Europe, it declared in radio and newspaper editorials this weekend.

Chazs Stepmom GOP Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack Defeated
November 11 2012 6:38 PM ET

Chaz Bono's Stepmom Loses Reelection to Congress

Neal Broverman

California's Mary Bono Mack, who took over her late husband's seat in Congress, was defeated on Tuesday by Democrat Raul Ruiz.