Church Apologizes to North Carolinians for Abusers of Religion
May 30 2012 6:36 PM ET

See the Billboard Apology a Church Bought in North Carolina

Lucas Grindley

One California church has a message for North Carolina voters, and it's bought a billboard in the state to make its point.

The Latest Call for a Gay Holocaust Comes from Kansas
May 30 2012 5:52 PM ET

The Latest Call for a Gay Holocaust Comes From Kansas

Lucas Grindley

In the latest of what feels like a sudden explosion of hate speech from the pulpit is a call for mass murder of gay people from a Kansas preacher.

Teletubby Says For the Record We Were Not Gay
May 30 2012 2:51 PM ET

The Last Word: Teletubby Says We Weren't Gay

Lucas Grindley

The woman who donned a yellow Teletubby costume for all those years on television has finally spoken out against claims from the late '90s by Jerry Falwell that the characters had a gay agenda.

Child Sings Antigay Anthem as Church Cheers Wildly
May 30 2012 1:34 PM ET May 30 2012 8:16 PM ET

WATCH: A Child's Antigay Hymn Gets Huge Applause

Lucas Grindley

An Indiana church congregation was caught on video wildly standing in ovation as a young child sings, "Ain't no homo going to make it to heaven."

Dan Savage and Brian Brown to Debate Over Dinner
May 30 2012 1:02 PM ET

The 'Dinner-Table Debate' Is On: Savage Versus Brown

Lucas Grindley

Dan Savage and the president of the National Organization for Marriage have agreed to a polite "dinner-table debate" — on a few conditions.

El Paso Elects Openly LGBT State Lawmaker
May 30 2012 9:00 AM ET

El Paso Elects Openly Gay State Lawmaker


El Paso voters have elected Mary E. Gonzalez, an openly gay woman, to the Texas House of Representatives, Gay Politics reports.

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