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DNC Treasurer Shares What It Felt Like Growing Up Gay
September 05 2012 3:53 AM ET

DNC Treasurer Shares What It's Like Growing Up Gay

Lucas Grindley

Out treasurer for the Democratic National Committee Andrew Tobias in his speech said he was sticking to two familiar themes — "money and equality."

Gay Moments From the First Day of the DNC in Photos
September 05 2012 2:37 AM ET

PHOTOS: Gay Moments From the DNC's First Day

Lucas Grindley

Democrats not only passed the most LGBT-inclusive party platform ever, the convention's first day also had supportive mentions in primetime and a few places you probably missed.

Actor Kal Penn Says His Buddy Kevin and His Boyfriend Are His Inspiration
September 05 2012 2:21 AM ET

Actor Says His Buddy's Boyfriend Is His Inspiration

Lucas Grindley

Woman Called the Most Powerful Lesbian in the Country Delivers Attack on Romney During DNC
September 05 2012 1:32 AM ET

Country's 'Most Powerful Lesbian' Jabs Romney During DNC

Lucas Grindley

The woman who Seattle Gay News called "the most powerful lesbian in the country" delivered an att

Gay Congressman Speaks During DNC About The Value of Diversity
September 05 2012 1:14 AM ET

Gay Dad (And Congressman) Tells DNC About Power from Diversity

Lucas Grindley

Out Colorado Congressman Jared Polis, a new dad, spoke personally about his own family as yet another reason that diversity makes America stronger during his convention speech on Tuesday.

Actor Wilson Cruz Joins GLAAD
September 04 2012 6:56 PM ET

Actor Wilson Cruz Joins GLAAD

Trudy Ring

Cruz will serve as the organization's chief giving officer.

Connecticut Archdiocese Rebukes Priest Over Gay Wedding
September 04 2012 5:30 PM ET

Conn. Archdiocese Rebukes Priest Over Gay Wedding

Trudy Ring

Archbishop Henry Mansell has rebuked the Reverend Michael DeVito for assisting in his cousin's same-sex marriage ceremony.

Minnesota Basketball Star Opposes Marriage Amendment
September 04 2012 4:06 PM ET

U of Minn. Basketball Star For Marriage

Trudy Ring

University of Minnesota forward Trevor Mbakwe speaks out against the proposed anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment.

Hank Williams Jr Says Obama Is a Muslim Who Loves Gays
September 04 2012 3:02 PM ET

Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is a Muslim Who Loves Gays

Trudy Ring

The country singer made the comment during a Texas concert in which he also made fun of 'queer guitar pickers.'

Super PAC Linked to Gary Bauer Runs Marriage Ad in North Carolina
September 04 2012 1:49 PM ET

Super PAC Linked to Gary Bauer Runs Marriage Ad in North Carolina

Julie Bolcer

A couple warns that “Obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country” in the TV ad from the Campaign for American Values.

Nine Antigay Preachers Arrested at Southern Decadence
September 04 2012 1:41 PM ET

Nine Antigay Preachers Arrested at Southern Decadence

Trudy Ring

The street preachers were blasting antigay messages over bullhorns at the festival in New Orleans.