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Facebook defends its support of a politician who has fought fiercely against LGBT civil rights.

August 17 2014 3:34 PM

Bishop Alan Wilson reiterated his support for same-sex marriage and criticized Christian homophobia during a recent debate about marriage equality at St. John’s Church in Kidlington, England.

August 17 2014 2:23 PM

A Utah journalist-activist is calling on Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to retract support for the state's attorney general and make a donation to his opponent.

August 15 2014 8:39 PM

If passed, the new law would allow LGBT parents more freedom in describing their relationships to their children.

August 15 2014 9:00 AM

Reports suggest that Edward Onwong'a Nyakeriga's 'Stone-the-Gays' bill may be a non-starter.

August 15 2014 5:00 AM

The Hillary this writer met while she was still first lady has always stood by LGBT people.

August 14 2014 6:00 AM

The CIA may be defined by secrecy, but these days it encourages its LGBT officers to come out.

August 14 2014 4:00 AM