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Romney Adviser Says Obama's Reaction to Libya Was 'Limp Wristed'
September 30 2012 12:56 PM ET

Romney Adviser: Obama's Reaction to Libya 'Limp Wristed'

Michelle Garcia

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton uses homophobic term to describe President Obama's foreign policy.

Baldwin and Thompson Go Head to Head in First Senate Debate
September 29 2012 2:13 PM ET

Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson Go Head-to-Head in First Debate

Michelle Garcia

With the out Wisconsin candidate for Senate leading in the polls, the state's former governor calls her "far out of the mainstream."

Austin City Council Backs Marriage Equality
September 28 2012 5:55 PM ET

Austin City Council Backs Marriage Equality

Trudy Ring

The vote is symbolic but significant, say council members in the progressive university city.

Santorum, Perry Endorse Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin
September 28 2012 3:45 PM ET

Santorum Endorses Todd Akin

Michelle Garcia

Conservative Republican Rick Santorum has endorsed Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin, whose campaign seemingly came to a screeching halt when he made

Homeland Security Directive Will Help Binational Gay Couples Stay Together
September 28 2012 3:39 PM ET

New Directive Will Help Binational Gay Couples Stay Together

Trudy Ring

In immigration proceedings, the federal government will consider same-sex couples families, making it less likely binational couples will be separated by deportation.

Lesbian Prime Minister of Iceland to Retire
September 28 2012 2:35 PM ET

Iceland's Lesbian Prime Minister to Retire

Trudy Ring

Johanna Sigurdardottir, the first openly gay or lesbian head of a national government, announced she will quit politics next year.

Antigay Group Tries to Join Illinois Marriage Equality Lawsuit
September 28 2012 12:33 PM ET

Antigay Group Tries to Join Illinois Marriage Equality Lawsuit

Julie Bolcer

The attorney for the Illinois Family Institute said that allowing his client to intervene would “even the playing field.”

Edie Windsor, Elderly Lesbian Widow, Makes Case in Federal Appeals Court
September 27 2012 10:30 PM ET

Lesbian Widow Edie Windsor Brings Her Optimism to Court

Julie Bolcer

“I look forward to the day when the federal government recognizes all marriages as legal, and I’m very hopeful that day will come while I’m still alive,” said the 83-year-old outside the courthouse in New York City.

Fight Back Colorado Targets Aurora Republican
September 27 2012 6:56 PM ET

Fight Back Colorado Targets Aurora Republican

Sunnivie Brydum

The super PAC created to unseat legislators who killed civil unions legislation earlier this year is going after what it calls one of Colorado's "most extreme" Republicans.

Widow Has Her Case Put on Hold While Supreme Court Decides What to Do Next
September 27 2012 5:43 PM ET

Widow's Case on Hold While Supreme Court Decides What's Next

Lucas Grindley

The question of whether the Supreme Court decides to take up a case on the Defense of Marriage Act in its new session, which begins Monday, appears to have one widow in a holding pattern.