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First Russian Fined for Supposed Gay Propaganda
May 04 2012 2:27 PM ET

First Russian Fined for 'Gay Propaganda'

Brett Edward Stout

Nikolai Alexeyev, a prominent gay activist in Russia, has become the first person fined for the new crime of spreading gay “propaganda,” the Associated Press reports. A Russian court fined Alexeyev $170 for violating the new law. He said he plans to appeal. The judge in the case has not yet presented the grounds for the decision but expects to release the information next week.

Methodists to Maintain Antigay Teaching
May 04 2012 2:23 PM ET

Methodists Vote to Keep Antigay Teaching

Trudy Ring

Conference delegates voted to keep the doctrine that being gay is “incompatible with Christian teaching.”

Ex Gay Conference Cancelled
May 04 2012 10:11 AM ET

Ex-Gay Group Cancels Conference


Organizers of Exodus International's Love Won Out conference cited low participant numbers in scrapping the event.

Chelsea Clinton Urges North Carolina to Reject Amendment One
May 04 2012 9:47 AM ET

Chelsea Clinton to N.C.: Vote No on Amendment 1


"I believe that everyone must stand up for what is right, whenever possible, wherever possible," Clinton wrote in an email urging against the antigay ballot intiative to be decided Tuesday.

Colorado One Step Closer to Civil Unions
May 04 2012 9:09 AM ET

Republicans Help Move Colorado to Civil Unions


A Republican-controlled House committee approved the bill one week after the state Senate moved forward on it.

11 Democratic Chairs Urge Party for Marriage Equality
May 03 2012 5:13 PM ET

Does Your State's Dem Party Chair Back Marriage?

Michelle Garcia

Eleven state chairs of the Democratic Party have declared their support for adding marriage equality to the national party's platform.

Billy Graham Takes Out Full-Page Ad for Amendment One
May 03 2012 2:28 PM ET

A New Legacy? Billy Graham Goes Antigay at 93

Lucas Grindley

The famed pastor spent most of his life avoiding divisive politics but is in a full-page, antigay ad in 14 newspapers.

Christine Quinn Explains Abortion Rights
May 03 2012 11:30 AM ET

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn made her support for a woman's right to choose very clear.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a leading Democratic contender for mayor, said, “I don’t want anybody involved in my uterus, my vagina, my liver, my kidney, my lung,” at a press conf

Wife of Amendment One Architect Makes it A Racial Issue
May 02 2012 7:48 PM ET

Amendment One: For Caucasian Race?

Michelle Garcia

The wife of a North Carolina state senator said the proposed amendment to ban marriage equality across the state is necessary to "preserve the caucasian race." 

Tracking How Voters Ended Marriage Equality in the South
May 02 2012 6:12 PM ET

How the South Voted Away Marriage Equality

Neal Broverman

North Carolina voters will take to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of Amendment One, which would constitutionally ban any legal relationship recognition other than heterosexual marriage. The Tar Heel State will be the last state in Dixie to decide on banning marriage equality in its constitution — all other states in the conservative area overwhelmingly passed prohibitions in the last decade. To get a handle on how things may go down May 8 and see what kind of odds LGBT activists are up against in North Carolina, we've compiled the margins by which each Southern state banned same-sex marriage; view them on the following pages.  

NC Preacher Who Advocates Beating Gay Kids I Was Joking Sort Of
May 02 2012 2:42 PM ET

Preacher Was Kidding? He Told Church to Beat Gay Kids

Neal Broverman

Virulently antigay North Carolina preacher Sean Harris took a half-step away from comments he made on Sunday where he told his congregation to attack young boys who act effeminate.

Missouri Lawmaker Zach Wyatt Comes Out as Gay And Opposes Don't Say Gay Bill
May 02 2012 1:45 PM ET

Republican Comes Out, Slams 'Don't Say Gay'

Lucas Grindley

Rep. Zach Wyatt said he had been lying to himself for a long time, but no longer could he.

New Poll Shows Little Movement in Voter Divide Over Amendment One
May 02 2012 8:54 AM ET

Bad Sign? Poll Shows Stagnation in N.C.

Andrew Harmon

55% of survey respondents favor the ballot measure that would constitutionally ban marriage and other forms of relationship recognition for gay couples. 41% of respondents oppose the measure.