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Gay Candidate Wins New York Congressional Primary
June 27 2012 1:37 PM ET

Gay Candidate Wins New York Congressional Primary

Julie Bolcer

Sean Patrick Maloney, a gay former aide to President Bill Clinton, won the Democratic primary and will face Rep. Nan Hayworth, who has a moderate reputation on LGBT rights compared to some other Tea Party-backed Republicans.

Colorado Group to Target Lawmakers Who Blocked Civil Unions
June 27 2012 10:15 AM ET

Colorado Group to Target Lawmakers Who Blocked Civil Unions

Julie Bolcer

Fight Back Colorado, a group modeled on the effort that removed anti-equality incumbents in New York, will target lawmakers who blocked civil unions this year.

Westboro Follower Running for Kansas School Board
June 26 2012 4:46 PM ET

Antigay Church's Hand in Kansas School Board Race

Michelle Garcia

A man running for the Kansas state school board is a follower of the Westboro Baptist Church and says public schools should stop teaching evolution, which he called a "satanic lie."

NYC Council Saves HIV AIDS and Homeless LGBT Services
June 26 2012 2:57 PM ET

NYC Council Saves HIV/AIDS, Homeless LGBT Services

Michelle Garcia

New York City advocates spoke out after the City Council voted to retain funding for several key services, including the Runaway and Homeless Youth Services program, and funding for HIV/AIDS h

Pentagon Hosts First Pride Celebration
June 26 2012 10:48 AM ET June 26 2012 11:57 PM ET

Pentagon Pride: More Work to be Done

Julie Bolcer

The Defense Department recognized LGBT Pride Month for the first time by cheering DADT repeal but acknowledging the implementation work that remains.

Poll Finds Obama Turns Off Mich Independents
June 26 2012 9:10 AM ET

Michigan Independents Cold to Obama's Marriage Stance

Julie Bolcer

President Obama’s support for marriage equality may have cost him with a critical segment of independent voters in Michigan, a new poll indicates.

Village Voice Columnist Michael Musto Embroiled in War With Gay Republican Group
June 25 2012 6:08 PM ET

Musto Calls Gay GOP Supporters 'Nazis,' They Call Him a 'Muppet'

Neal Broverman

Village Voice columnist Michael Musto let the folks at GOProud know just how he felt about gay Republicans, and the group had a sharp response.

Endemic Gay Hazing Led to Reprimand of Navy Officer Charles Berry
June 25 2012 3:18 PM ET

Investigation Finds Navy Official Failed to Stop Gay Hazing

Neal Broverman

Navy official Charles Berry was removed because of what he did after a sailor reported an attempted rape.

The Backstory on That White House Wedding Proposal
June 25 2012 1:44 PM ET

The Backstory on That White House Wedding Proposal

Advocate.com Editors

The couple shares the story of how they fell in love, and how the wedding proposal almost didn't happen.