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DSM Replaces Gender Identity Disorder With Gender Dysphoria
July 23 2012 7:00 PM ET

DSM-V To Rename Gender Identity Disorder

Camille Beredjick

The newest edition of the psychiatric diagnostic manual will do away with labeling transgender people as "disordered."

Gay and Lesbian Servicemembers March in San Diego Pride Parade
July 23 2012 1:42 PM ET

WATCH: LGBT Troops March in San Diego Pride Parade

Neal Broverman

With the blessing of military brass, uniformed LGBT service members marched in this weekend's San Diego Pride parade.

Opponents of Minnesota Antimarriage Amendment Outraise Supporters
July 20 2012 7:10 PM ET

Opponents of Minnesota Antimarriage Amendment Outraise Supporters

Trudy Ring

The group fighting the amendment has raised six times as much money so far this year as the organization supporting it.

House Legal Team Cites Misleading Parenting Study
July 20 2012 4:37 PM ET

Researcher: House's DOMA Legal Team Interprets My Findings Differently

Sofia Resnick of The American Independent

The Texas study has been widely challenged. And the author of a second study cited on same-sex parents says his findings are being interpreted by the House's lawyers somewhat differently than he would.

Right Wing Uses Colorado Tragedy to Vilify Gays and Secularism
July 20 2012 2:51 PM ET

Right Wing Uses Colo. Tragedy to Vilify Gays, Secularism

Trudy Ring

Bryan Fischer wonders if gays will object to Chick-fil-A feeding first responders to the shooting, and he and others blame the crime on America's alleged godlessness.

NOM Ally Attempts to Ban Same-sex Marriages on Military Bases
July 20 2012 9:27 AM ET

NOM Ally Attempts to Ban Same-Sex Marriages on Military Bases

Julie Bolcer

Rep. Steve King of Iowa attached an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill that would prohibit same-sex couples from marrying on military bases.

Site Invents Pro-LGBT Speech from President Obama for Legalize Love Campaign
July 19 2012 6:05 PM ET

Site Invents Moving Pro-LGBT Obama Speech for 'Legalize Love' Campaign

Charles Hicks

LegalizeLove.com is attempting to give away 100,000 pro-Obama bumper stickers.