Reasons for Pride: 12 Picks from Gay Mayors and Reality Stars

Mayors John D'Amico (West Hollywood), Ron Strouse (Doylestown, Pa.), Jerry Pierce (Valley Mills, Texas), and other public figures share why they're smiling this Pride season.



Reason No. 10: The Activists Who Fought Before Us!
Thor Thorvaldsson, Curtis Lovell (illusionist, escape artist)
"This Pride is a huge accomplishment for my husband and I," Lovell says. "We were married last July, so this year will be amazing. We’re celebrating what many people beforehand have fought for — the equality of marriage. And we’re fortunately for those people who went on the front lines for us, so we can celebrate our marriage this year."

Reason No. 11: LGBT Magazines!
Michael Turner (publisher of Frontiers magazine)
"The passage of marriage and the rapid growth of states accepting it," says Turner, pictured second from right. "I don’t think, 10 years ago, you ever would have dreamt that that would happen. And regarding Frontiers ... we’ve taken four months to relaunch it. And you’re going to see a magazine that has news and lifestyle from Southern California that we’re going to take national. I’m proud of the magazine and I’m proud of my staff, and I’m proud of my business partner [for this accomplishment]. It’s great."

Reason No. 12: Wedding Season in Pennsylvania!
Ron Strouse (mayor of Doylestown, Pa.)
"A couple of weeks ago, we had a dramatic decision from the District Court, which we were expecting six months from now, regarding marriage equality," Strouse says. "So in Pennsylvania, we’re kinda excited these days. As a mayor, one of my responsibilities is to perform marriages, so now I’m fielding two or three calls a day trying to schedule in people who have been partners for a couple years or 40 years, in one case. So that puts a whole new light on the importance of what’s going on. We still have legal discrimination where you can get fired from your job, so we have a long way to go. But we certainly are excited by what’s happened." (photo via Facebook)


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