Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Global Love and Pride

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CROATIA: Heavily guarded by local police, over 4,000 people take part in the country's 13th Gay Pride Parade Saturday in downtown Zagreb.

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CROATIA: The 13th  annual Gay Pride Parade in downtown Zagreb.

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CROATIA: Some celebrants take a breather in Zagreb.

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SLOVENIA: Women kiss as they take part in the Gay Pride Parade Saturday in Ljubljana.

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SLOVENIA: Participants hold a placard protesting lack of marriage equality as they march in the Gay Pride Parade in Ljubljana.

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SLOVENIA: Maleficent will be pretty pissed if she does not have equal rights.

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Jumping for Pride in Slovenia.

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GREECE: A participant performs in front of the Greek parliament in central Athens during the annual Gay Pride Parade Satruday.

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GREECE: Glowing with Pride in front of the Greek Parliament in central Athens.

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GREECE: We "heart" you too.

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GREECE: Flowers, flags, balloons, and joy in Athens.

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GREECE: After a long day, a slow walk home, wrapped in the rainbow.
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