Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Portland Unfurls Its Pride

The annual Pride Parade in Portland, Ore., now in its 44th year, is the flagship event of the Portland Pride Festival. The festivities also included music acts, a block party, a Trans Pride march, and activities at Tom McCall Waterfront Park Saturday and Sunday. For more information on Portland Pride, check out this link.

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Portland's Raging Grannies persevere in a sudden downpour.

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Careful, ladies, the roads are wet and slipery!

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Precision flag twirlers in rainbow colors.

DSC 0014x633 0
Roller girls prepare to launch.

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Pride manifests in the glory of self-expression.

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Cardio Pride.

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Dyke, bike, and bandanna: Check.

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Flag-bearing across the generations.

DSC 0071X633 0
Howdy, officer!

DSC 0148X633 0
He was there!

DSC 0149X633 0
AIDS walkers busting loose.

DSC 0201X633 0
Balloon Pride.

DSC 0262X633 0
Rocky Horror madness.

DSC 0274x633 0
We are a varied group.

DSC 0240x633 0
Hello, Ms. Gay Oregon!

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Young and in love, the best way to celebrate Pride.
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