Reasons for Pride: 16 Picks From Lambda Legal Honorees

Rep. Henry Waxman, The Fosters' Sherri Saum, Jason Collins, and more tell The Advocate why they're smiling this Pride season.



Reason 4: The Kids Are All Right!
Cheyenne Jackson (Glee, pictured right)
We’re getting married in September. And what makes me proud is that my nieces and nephews, and his, are going to be a part of it. And they’re like, “Great!” It’s a nonissue for kids. And what makes me proud is the world is changing enough to where they just say, “Oh, what’s my dress look like?”

Reason 5: Love and Marriage!
Jason Landau (Cheyenne’s fiancé, pictured left)
What makes me proud is to be loud and proud, that I can fully be myself and marry the man of my dreams.

Reason 6: Gay Dads on TV!
Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal, The Comeback)
I am very proud to have been a gay man, father, and husband playing those things on a television show that had such a diverse and wide and far-reaching audience. I am very proud of what that relationship, that gay relationship, that gay marriage, did on a television show like Scandal. We were the only married couple with a baby on that show  … that people thought were representing a real and authentic relationship on television. And for that to be coming out of the mouths of people who would not ordinarily say that, about a gay couple. ... It felt great to be on a show where the only married couple who was doing that was a gay couple.

Reason 7: Honoring Fallen Heroes!
Bamby Salcedo (trans activist, Lambda Legal honoree, pictured second from left)
"I am very lucky to be alive today," says Salcedo, who gave a moving acceptance speech on trans rights later in the evening. "I just received notice that one of my sisters, Zoraida Rayes, was murdered. … She was found dead yesterday. It’s definitely a privilege to be here. And the only reason I am here is because of her, because I want to give voice to her life. As trans people, we are a small community. But those who are active in the community doing activism and advocacy are very few. And she was one of them. It’s a great loss. She was murdered for being who she is. She was my pride, and I want to celebrate her."

Reason 8: Gay-Straight Alliances!
Julia Frost (Lambda Legal plaintiff)
“My students at Sultana High School in Hesperia [Calif.] have given me a great reason for Pride,” says Frost, a lesbian teacher whose contract was not renewed after she became a cosponsor of the school’s gay-straight alliance. “They have stood up for themselves. They took their concerns to their school. And then they sought help from the ACLU to get the changes in their school and for their gay-straight alliance. And that, to me, is amazing. Those kids have more guts than I could have ever had at their age. So they give me reason for Pride, and they give me reason for hope.”

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