Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Knoxville Sings Its Pride

The seventh annual Knoxville, Tenn., PrideFest was attended by more than 20,000, according to local TV station WATE. That's a long way from the few hundred who participated in the first few years. The 2014 PrideFest theme “Live. Love. Be. PROUD!” was happily displayed on floats, T-shirts, and hats during the event, held Saturday. Thanks to the folks at for providing these photos shot by Amy Williams.

Steve Grand entertains the crowd.

KV 03 0
Cazwell gets funky.

KV 04 0
The Indigo Girls bring on the soul.

KV 05 0
Knoxville PrideFest had some of the best entertainment of any Pride celebration so far this year.

KV 06 0
Glitter and be gay.

KV 07 0
Here's to the ladies with Pride.

KV 08 0
Back at ya, boys.

KV 09 0
Spread those big golden wings, mister.

KV 10 0
Crown envy.

KV 11 0
Best. Costume. Ever.

KV 12 0
Rainbow abs.

KV 13 0
OK, sorry, THIS is the best costume ever.

KV 14 0
Can't think of anything printable to say here. Use your own dirty mind.

KV 15 0
Rainbow seating.
KV 16 0
A beautiful, colorfully dressed family.

KV 17 0
Butterfly dog, and I don't care, butterfly dog and I don't care...

KV 18 0
Rainbow manifestations in hair and makeup.

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Sass, strut, and funk.

KV 20 0
The lovely ladies of Pride.

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Charmed by the festivities.

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Wisely hydrating.

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There must and there will be dykes on bikes.

KV 24 0
Hey, girl!

KV 25 0
Piggyback Pride.

KV 26 0
Flag-waving Pride.

KV 27 0
If he could turn back time.

KV 28 0
Basso profundo.

KV 29 0
Lady sings the Pride.
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