Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Hello, Columbus Pride

Actor and activist George Takei headed up the parade in Columbus, Ohio, this year, with the theme "Created Equal." Thousands of people came out last weekend to celebrate and watch over 150 floats. It took over 500 volunteers to put on the parade and ceremonies.

Photos taken by Mark Hiser, visit his Flickr page here.

2014columbus2 0
OutServe represents for LGBT folks in the armed services.

2014columbus3 0
It's not an official parade without a color guard.

2014columbus4 0
These Boy Scouts are well prepared.

2014columbus5 0
Stonewall Columbus continues to lead the fight in Central Ohio for equal rights.

2014columbus6 0
And the band played on.

2014columbus7 0
Grand marshal George Takei. Oh, my.

2014columbus8 0
George gives the Vulcan salute.

2014columbus9 0
Marching on the right side of history.

2014columbus10 0
A very welcoming welcoming committee.

2014columbus11 0
A rainbow tutu is always appropriate.

2014columbus12 0
Did you ever think you would see the day when bank-sponsored contingents joined the LGBT parade?

2014columbus13 0
Debbie Downers are always there too.

2014columbus14 0
Temple Beth Shalom is a warm and inclusive congregation in Albany, Ohio.

2014columbus15 0
The AIDS Resource Center, Ohio contingent.

2014columbus16 0
Welcoming Christians.

2014columbus17 0
Cardinal Health Inc. is a Fortune 500 health care services company based in Dublin, Ohio.

2014columbus18 0
Sometimes you need to take off your shirt to show how really healthy you are.

2014columbus20 0
Stilts are handy if you want to get a better vantage point on the crowd.

2014columbus21 0
Created Equal in Columbus.

2014columbus22 0
Walking in style, in heels and flats.

2014columbus23 0
God loves everyone, especially nuns on motorcycles.

2014columbus24 0
Canine carrying the message.

2014columbus25 0
Slogans, signs, statement T-shirts ... yup, must be a Pride Parade.

2014columbus26 0
Dee W. Ieye, noted Tupperware diva, always selling.

2014columbus27 0
Jesus might hate carrying a sign in the hot sun. We don't really know.

2014columbus28 0
Arts and crafts-driven Pride.

2014columbus29 0
Dogs are tired? These boys can give you a lift.

2014columbus30 0
We'll take the one in the patriotic shorts when you're finished with him, sir.

2014columbus31 0
Pesky antigay protesters are usually part of the scene.

2014columbus32 0
Give a loud howl for the local gay rugby team, the Columbus Coyotes.

2014columbus33 0
Pride rolls on by.

2014columbus34 0
Ohio Proud T-shirts courtesy of Jeni's splendid ice creams.

2014columbus35 0
And yes, it's not really a Pride Parade without boys in perilously short shorts.

2014columbus36 0
I love your hat.

2014columbus37 0
The float that has everything: wings, leather shorts, crowns, and a Wagnerian valkyrie.
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