Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: San Francisco Pride, Then and Now

A record number of people turned out for Pride in San Francisco this year. More than a million by some accounts. Plus, support for the event could not be more mainstream, if skewed a little to the Silicon Valley side: Apple, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Uber, Twitter, and official grand sponsor Airbnb all were major participants. These photos of the 2014 parade by Tommy Wu show that San Francisco retains its title as "The City the Knows How." Interspersed with Wu's images are pictures my gay dad, Bob Harrity, took in what I am guessing is 1978. A lot has changed since then, but the spirits of 2014 and 1978 have a lot in common. Thanks Tommy Wu, and thanks to Dad, who is in the big Pride Parade in the sky. — Christopher Harrity

SF46 0

Hello, Mr. Petersen!

Taking a grape selfie.

Parents and chidren make the 1978 parade a family event.

SF03 0

Hey, Lea DeLaria!

SF04 0

It's a rare shirtless day in S.F.

SF05 0

Balloon animals.

SF06 0

Just another son of God, there for the festivities.

SF07 0

Pride flag? Cheack. Backpack? Check. Favorite red Converse? Check. Now, why do I still feel like I am forgetting something?

SF08 0

Strolling ladies of 1978 Pride.

SF09 0

Rainbow bunny.

SF10 0

Leather and tulle: Always correct.

SF11 0
Gardening at Pride.

SF12 0

We could use a little more anarchy.

SF13 0

Last-minute tonsorial adjustments.

SF14 0

Are those regulation sunglasses, son?

SF15 0

SF16 0

SF17 0

The ravishing Pacific Islanders float.

SF18 0

Always time for a souvenir picture.

SF19 0

Gorgeous pansies.

SF20 0

Glowing and glittering.

SF21 0

The big A's: Adolf and Anita. Signs of the times.

SF22 0

Strong numbers of women participants.

SF23 0

The little black dress. Always correct.

SF24 0
Bedazzling beauty!

SF25 0

More balloon animals, always fun for a party.

SF26 0


SF27 0

How to get a better view.

SF28 0

And the crowd roars.

SF29 0

Fist-raising pride.

SF30 0

Let's do the time warp again!

SF31 0

SF32 0

Rainbow fishtail, and a how do you do.

SF33 0

Parade lovelies, taking a break.

SF34 0

Gloss break.

SF35 0
Stonewall wasn't even at its 10-year anniversary yet.

SF36 0

Proof that dykes on bikes is the gold standard.

SF37 0

But boys on bikes are pretty cute too.

SF38 0

Dad and his little bundle of pride.

SF39 0

Highly evolved footwear.

SF40 0

Hello. gents!

SF41 0

Like a trip back in time to the Cockettes and the Radical Faeries.

SF42 0

Too much is almost enough.

SF43 0

Lady in a cage.

SF44 0

No, your makeup looks perfectly natural, dear.

SF45 0

Human disco ball.

SF47 0

Cute guys tend to show up at these things.

SF48 0

Award for cutest couple, right?

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