June July 2016
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Caitlyn Jenner stepped out at New York Pride on Sunday when she swung by a party in Chelsea.

June 29 2015 8:34 AM Updated

Patrick Dettling and Scott Briggs said a group of three men punched and kicked their heads during a pride celebration after yelling a homophobic slur.

June 29 2015 7:38 AM Updated

The plaintiff in the landmark case that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act two years ago celebrated Friday at the Stonewall Inn.

June 29 2015 6:00 AM

This flag, intended to resemble the ISIS militancy banner, featured dildos and butt plugs, and CNN didn't notice the difference. Really.

June 29 2015 3:05 AM Updated

Show support for transgender rights and your trans friends by adding a trans flag filter to your profile picture. It's easy!

June 29 2015 12:04 AM Updated

Marchers shouted 'Shame on Facebook' and protested against Mark Zuckerberg at the Pride Parade in San Francisco.

June 28 2015 11:17 PM Updated