Laila Villanueva and her fiancé, Logan Ireland, are both transgender Americans currently serving in the U.S. military. At last month's White House Pride Reception, they made history.

July 02 2015 5:00 AM

Police in Forsyth County are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

4:35 PM

A time-lapse video compresses 24 hours of Sunday's festivities, including the after party, from a camera high atop North Halstead Street.

10:50 AM

You'll want to call 911 after you see one very hot police officer showing off his moves at NYC Pride.

June 30 2015 10:37 AM

Amid the revelry and rainbows in Manhattan this weekend was the standard anti-LGBT religious hatred — delivered by some unexpected messengers.

June 29 2015 5:33 PM