WATCH: Pride at U.S. State Department Affirms LGBT Human Rights

WATCH: U.S. State Dept. Affirms LGBT Human Rights

The U.S. Department of State launched Capital Pride weekend with an earnest conversation with global LGBT activists who are fighting for equality in Turkey and Uganda.

PHOTOS: Sizzle Miami Makes Us Sweat

PHOTOS: Miami's Sizzle Leaves Us Breathless

Guess Which State Pride Proclamation Excludes LGBT Folks?

You Won't Believe What's Missing from Indiana Pride

Whoops! A welcome letter signed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence for this year's Indianapolis Pride festivities left out any mention of LGBT people.

Philadelphia Raises the Transgender Pride Flag for the First Time
June 04 2015 3:43 PM ET

Philly Raises Trans Pride Flag for First Time Today

Flying the trans pride flag in front of City Hall is a small gesture that sends a strong message, say organizers.

Excerpt: How Barbara Gittings Became the Mother of the Movement

How Barbara Gittings Became the Mother of the Movement

Windy City Times publisher Tracy Baim shares an excerpt from her new book, Barbara Gittings, Gay Pioneer, and describes how this lesbian activist battled the conservative mores of post-war America.

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