Reinventing Adam Lambert



ADAM LAMBERT TOC XLRG (SCHWABEL) | ADVOCATE.COM“It’s been the weirdest battle with identifying as a gay man in mainstream culture,” he says. “I think The Advocate is an exception — I think a respected gay publication treats it differently — but in regular journalism they make such a big deal out of homosexuality! I’m starting to grow really fond of the post-gay concept.”

Before Idol, Lambert’s life, he says, “wasn’t defined by my sexuality,” but now “all of a sudden it’s all about being gay. In some respects a lot of good can come from that. When I was a kid I didn’t have that many people to look up to. And if I’d had people in the public eye who were really up-front about it, it probably would have helped me. I feel like this is a conversation [Advocate] readers will understand where I’m coming from, because it’s tricky — I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing sometimes. Seriously. No one teaches you how to be a gay celebrity.”

Lambert says he’s become increasingly at ease in the media spotlight. “I’m more comfortable with myself in the public eye. That’s an adjustment.… There’s also a flip that comes from being in a relationship; it changes your perspective and your frame of mind and what you want. I’m lucky enough right now to be in a relationship.”

Though he’s tight-lipped about the nature of his relationship with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, the 2007 winner of Finland’s Big Brother, he will say they met in a Helsinki bar last year after one of Lambert’s shows. Without knowing he was a TV personality, Lambert approached Koskinen to say hello, and they’ve been dating since last November.

“You know, honestly, when you start talking so much about your relationship, it opens the door too much. I’ve only been in one major long-term relationship prior to this, and I’m really, really happy. It’s done a lot for me, and it’s grounded me, and it has inspired me as a writer as a performer,” he says. “I just think everybody wants that connection, and I’m really happy to have found it.”

Lambert’s more forthcoming about his gay fans: “From what I can tell, there’s more of a gay presence internationally than domestically, which I found interesting. I feel like the [gay fans] that I meet are the ones that kind of feel weird.… I pick up this kind of energy among young people that it might not be the coolest thing to say you like Adam Lambert’s music. People don’t think that I’m cool. So I love that I have the kids who are like ballsy enough to be like, ‘Fuck it, I like Adam’s music.’ I mean, I am kind of a nerd. I feel like there’s a collective eye-roll when it comes to me, in the media and just in general consciousness — with the exception of my amazing Glamberts, my hard-core fans who are the opposite.”

But he’s taking it all with a grain of salt.

“It really is a dream job, and it’s really cool. I do stop and keep it all in perspective. This is pop music, and it’s not fucking brain surgery. I mean, some of it’s serious…but some of it’s just really fun dance music. And I’m wearing eight pounds of makeup because I fucking want to. Why not?”