Going Hollywood at Joseph Abboud

How a Madrid-born, London-trained fashion designer is bringing new life to classic American menswear.



Backstage at the Joseph Abboud Fall 2012 fashion show.

“I always loved seeing my mom and dad getting dressed. They would go out always on Wednesday nights, to the theater or to the movies,” he says. “My parents’ style was very classic. They are a Spanish family, conservative in a way. My father always wore a tie and a pocket square, my mother always wore heels, and she never, ever went out of the house without makeup. I was fascinated to see how dapper they looked dressed up.”

As a boy he devoted more attention to his action figures’ clothes than their weaponry and had an eye for the latest fashions and designs.
“Even as a kid I felt I had to dress up,” he says. “Probably it was a part of being gay without knowing you are gay, but having the inclination. Always, since a kid, I had an eye for what people wore.”