Going Hollywood at Joseph Abboud

How a Madrid-born, London-trained fashion designer is bringing new life to classic American menswear.



Backstage at the Joseph Abboud Fall 2012 fashion show.

Though Savile Row tailored clothes cost the arm and leg they are cut to clothe, Joseph Abboud aims for a more affordable price point, many suits costing $600–$700.

“[London] really gave me the ability and knowledge to translate that kind of luxury into much more reasonable price,” he says. Though a classically tailored suit is meant to endure, there’s nothing static about Rojo’s designs for the future of Joseph Abboud. “I don’t try to maintain the collection I started, it will continue to evolve. Every season, every year, whenever it’s needed.”

Rojo moved to the United States in 1999 and now lives in Manhattan with David Goldenberg, his partner of nine years. He travels to Los Angeles frequently but laments that the big-screen elegance isn’t a daily reality.