A Survivor's List: Things to Do Before You Die

Surviving is a talent many people pick up quickly, when necessary. As a new year approaches, we asked inspiring LGBT survivors to tell us what they would do if next year were their last. Their bucket lists may surprise you and provide inspiration for making your 2013 as kick-ass as possible.



“My highest priority would be to continue to challenge the church to reverse its evolution into an exclusive institution and become what it was meant to be — a witness to God’s radically inclusive love for all people. On a more personal note, I would spend high-quality time with my sons, sisters, and friends, creating memories that would keep me close to them after I’m gone.”
—The Reverend Marilyn Bowens, author of Ready to Answer:  Why “Homophobic Church” Is an Oxymoron, which recounts her journey as a gay Christian from a fundamentalist background