A Survivor's List: Things to Do Before You Die

Surviving is a talent many people pick up quickly, when necessary. As a new year approaches, we asked inspiring LGBT survivors to tell us what they would do if next year were their last. Their bucket lists may surprise you and provide inspiration for making your 2013 as kick-ass as possible.



“If 2013 was my last year on earth, I would grab my wyfe and head on a road trip across the U.S. to visit our friends in different states, camp, fish, eat, and gig. Finally, toward the end, I would invite my family and close friends to join us in Costa Rica at their famous sloth sanctuary for a few weeks, because dying surrounded by sloths, both adult and baby sloths, has got to be exhilarating, peaceful, and add to my chances of enlightenment. Can you imagine dying during a major squeefest?”
—StormMiguel Florez, an Americana-folk musician who recorded the album Long Lost Sun, which draws on his experiences growing up queer, transgender, and Mexican-American