The A-List Interview: Leslie Bibb

Now starring as the mother of Satan’s spawn in Hell Baby, Leslie Bibb revels in the gay following she's amassed by playing queen Bs in projects like GCBPopular, and Confessions of a Shopaholic.



Bibb with Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic.


Do you have a lot of close gay friends?
I do. I call them my gay husbands, because I do not have a husband. I’m actually working on a great movie, Take Care, written and directed by Liz Tuccillo, and one of my character’s best friends is a gay man. I just love showing that relationship, because every girl has a best gay friend. And if she doesn’t, she’s really missing out. I just love my boys. I wish I had more lesbian friends, but I don’t, really.

Didn't you attend an all-girls Catholic school?
I knew one of my close girlfriends was a lesbian, but she never came out. I would tell her, “You know I’m OK with anything you are.” It’s such a big thing for a young person to actually say the words “I’m gay,” but at 15, 16, what did I know? I just knew I loved my friends and that it didn’t matter to me. Oh, there were girls you knew were lesbians. I remember watching them talk about boys, knowing in my gut that it must’ve sucked for them. I’d love to go back and see who came out.

Katrina Ghent, your conniving character on the short-lived NBC series Kings, wanted to marry Jack, the closeted gay prince played by Sebastian Stan. At one point she said, “With me, Jack can be king by day, and a bad boy with whatever boy he wants at night. I might even join in.” Was Katrina just in it for the power, or did she secretly think she could flip him?
I think it was all about power. And it was probably nice to be with someone she didn’t have to use her sex on to get what she wanted, because that can be exhausting. But I’m always so interested in women who think they can flip. I know some women really believe that’s possible, but it’s as absurd to me as saying you change a gay person by sending them to a camp.

Have you ever played a lesbian or bisexual role?
I haven’t. I really need to get on that.

Well, Alicia Billington, your chilly fashionista character in Confessions of a Shopaholic, was practically a drag queen.
[Laughs] I know those bangs were a bold choice. I loved working with our costume designer Pat Field on that movie, and I told her, “You can put me in anything.” I could always walk in high heels, but I think Pat changed the arch of my foot. I really loved playing that character. Talk about a woman who uses her sex to get what she wants, but Alicia wasn’t really tuned into it because she was so emotionally guarded. You know what? Now that I think about it, I’ll bet she's probably a lesbian who hasn't come out yet.

You also shared a kiss with Jill Hennessy on an episode of Crossing Jordan.
I did. I don’t remember the reason behind it, but Jill’s really lovely, so I was totally down for it. I remember being so nervous — not nervous to kiss a woman but because I wanted to be a good kisser for her!