Mila Kunis: Black Beauty

Black Swan’s Mila Kunis talks about drinking with Family Guy boss Seth MacFarlane, stripping with Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits, and sharing the role of lesbian supermodel Gia Carangi with Angelina Jolie.



Did you see Lily, your character in Black Swan, as a lesbian?
Not at all. I just saw her as a free spirit living her 20s in New York City.

You also simulated oral sex with a woman in the 2007 film After Sex. You played a supposedly straight college girl who fools around with a lesbian classmate played by Zoe Saldana.
That film was very independent — we had no money or time — so Zoe and I just went in and had a lot of fun. It was one of those things where we were like, “Well, here we go!”

Did you go through a similar period of experimentation?
There was no need to experiment because I knew what I wanted. I was a very late bloomer, so it took me a long time to become comfortable with who I was, physically and sexually, but once I did, I knew what I liked. All my friends were experimenting around me, though.

So you lived vicariously through them?
I actually live vicariously through the characters I play. I love that I get to live all these different little lives.

Your next film, Friends With Benefits, also looks pretty racy. In the trailer you’re shown standing in front of a naked Justin Timberlake and sizing up his goods. Set the scene: What were you really looking at?
We had two weeks’ worth of sex scenes to shoot. Justin would just wear a sock that covered his frontal parts, so yeah, I could pretty much see everything. And I had tiny nipple pasties and a little pasty on my hoo-ha. We couldn’t have been more uncomfortable in the beginning, but by the fourteenth day, we’d just drop our robes, like, “Hey, how’s it goin’?”

Does your boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin [with whom she has since broken up], ever get jealous of that kind of thing?
Well, when you sign up for a movie called Friends With Benefits, you kind of know what you’re getting yourself into. But it’s work. It’s all very strategic, because there are 150 crew members trying to light you and make sure no one can see your pasties. And Justin couldn’t have been more of a gentleman, because it can be very awkward.

A very similar-sounding rom-com, No Strings Attached, stars your Black Swan costar Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, with whom you starred on That ’70s Show. Am I the only one blown away by this coincidence?
You know, in however many weeks of press I did for Black Swan, you might be the first person to point that out to me.

In the 1998 HBO movie Gia, you played the younger version of lesbian supermodel Gia Carangi, who was played as an adult by Angelina Jolie. What do you remember about that experience?
My parents never let me read the script, so I didn’t even understand what movie I was making. I had no clue until the premiere. Angelina Jolie was very sweet to me and my family, but when you’re a kid in Hollywood, there aren’t many people who aren’t nice to you.
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