Mila Kunis: Black Beauty

Black Swan’s Mila Kunis talks about drinking with Family Guy boss Seth MacFarlane, stripping with Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits, and sharing the role of lesbian supermodel Gia Carangi with Angelina Jolie.



I imagine it’s quite an honor to be cast as a young Angelina Jolie.
Absolutely, but I was too young to appreciate it when it was happening. I’m sure I would’ve rather been doing another Barbie commercial at the time.

In a flash-forward episode of Family Guy, Meg becomes a transgender man. How do you see her sexuality?
Meg is still exploring her sexuality. Meg just wants to be loved, so she doesn’t really give a hoot who it comes from.

In another episode, Meg pretends to be a “super-huge megalesbian” to infiltrate her school’s lesbian club because being gay makes her cooler.
Being gay is cool. I just wish gay kids realized that earlier in their lives.

Because your family moved you to Los Angeles from the Ukrainian SSR at the age of 7, you’ve spoken in past interviews about how you felt different and ostracized at school. Do you have any words of comfort or encouragement for today’s victims of antigay bullying?
I’ll never know what it’s like to be gay, so it would be unfair for me to compare my situation to something as extreme as the bullying of young gay people. Yes, I was bullied, but I was bullied for having big eyes and a funny accent. Yes, I cried when kids picked on me, but it didn’t make me second-guess who I was. This bullying today is making gay kids second-guess themselves, which is leading some of them to go take their own lives. It’s just absurd that this kind of thing is still going on.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been a vocal champion of gay rights, but he’s also caught flak for some of the show’s gay and transgender humor.
I truly believe that Family Guy is one of the gay-friendliest shows on TV. It’s definitely the least judgmental of any person, religion, or culture, because it makes fun of everything and everybody, but purely out of love. The gay community’s really been embraced by our show.

Do you and Seth ever go out drinking?
I’ve known him for 12 years now, so yeah, Seth and I have had a couple of crazy nights.

I was bummed you couldn’t join Seth and your Family Guy costars on Inside the Actors Studio.
You and me both. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico shooting The Book of Eli, so there was no way I could get out of there.

I wanted to hear host James Lipton ask you deep questions about your work opposite Hulk Hogan in the 1996 classic Santa With Muscles.
[Laughs] That would’ve been amazing! Like when he asked Dave Chappelle about Half Baked, which was one of the greatest moments ever.

Lipton also didn’t get to ask you the Proust questionnaire, as made famous by Bernard Pivot. So what’s your favorite curse word?
Fuck. It’s a good, strong word.

Your Snooki spoof on the Late Late Show and your Audrina Patridge impersonation for gave me the impression that you frown upon the vapid young Hollywood scene and likely wouldn’t enjoy a night on the town with Lindsay Lohan. True?
True. Sometimes I wish I had a little bit of that in me, but I just don’t. I prefer to stay home, take a bath, have a glass of wine, and watch Bravo. I don’t want to go to the hottest club, dance on tables, get photographed, and then spend the next day denying it ever happened.

Bravo, huh?
I’ve often been told I’m a gay man in a woman’s body.
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