Mark Ruffalo: Ruffalo Stance

The Kids Are All Right's Mark Ruffalo talks marriage equality and argues why he still may not be right for a gay role in The Normal Heart.



Is Ned your first gay role?
Well, when I did Windtalkers, a John Woo World War II movie, my character was gay. It wasn’t explicit; it was just something I was working with personally.

Whom would you like to play Ned’s boyfriend, Felix?
We’ve been bouncing around some names, and I have a feeling it’ll be someone you’ll be happy with. Ryan’s got pretty good taste.

Then maybe he’ll write a part for you on Glee.
I’d love to be on that show, but I can’t sing. I’ve done a little dancing on film, but I’m not a singer.

Will you see The Normal Heart on Broadway, or would you rather not be influenced by Joe Mantello’s performance as Ned?
I am planning to see it. I’ve actually been asked to do something with it, whether it’s coming to introduce it, a fundraiser, or whatever — some sort of tie-in. I can’t wait to see it. You know what they say: Steal from the best.

Up through 2005, you’d periodically appear in light rom-coms like Just Like Heaven, Rumor Has It…, and 13 Going on 30. Now that you’ve gotten an Oscar nomination, are those days officially over?
I don’t know. I’ve found that rom-coms are rarely romantic, rarely comedic, and rarely a combination of both in a satisfying way. But I liked those movies I did because they were funny, but they had nice messages and real heart at the same time. Lately, I just haven’t had many rom-com scripts come across my desk that I thought were really good.

As you prepare to play the Hulk in The Avengers, some fans have expressed concern that you may have to shave your hairy chest like Chris Evans did for Captain America.
No one’s asked me to shave my chest yet, thank God. They want this Hulk to be as close to me as possible. I’ll be playing him in motion-capture, so this Hulk will just be a bigger avatar version of me. As they’re modeling him, they’re using many of my own features, down to my scars and wrinkles. He will have body hair, but I don’t know to what extent.

In a very manscaped Hollywood, your chest is famous in certain gay circles.
I was not aware. But that’s good, because young girls are probably like, “Ew, chest hair! I didn’t even know guys grew hair there.”
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