Author: What I Advocate This Month 



...Concord Free Press “Free their books and their minds will follow,” says Concord Free Press’s founder, Stona Fitch. He and his wife, Ann Fitch, publish limited edition trade originals by established writers and give them away. Books are distributed at selected bookshops and online with a sticker that reads “100% off.” Several recommendations to readers: Don’t keep the book; keep it moving. Pass it on when you’ve done. Give to a charity of your choice, any charity, something you wouldn’t have given otherwise. Mention, anonymously, to whom you’ve given and how much. You want a free buzz? Check out the website and see how far these books have traveled and what was given and to whom. The website is a portrait of American generosity and interconnectedness. Yes, CFP first published my novel The Next Queen of Heaven, and yes, I’m on the board. But I was a booster long before that. Latest wrinkle: Concord ePress, whose best seller so far is Sebastian Stuart’s The Hour Between, winner of the Ferro-Grumley Award as the best LGBT novel of 2009.

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