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Editors Letter November 2011
October 17 2011 3:00 AM ET

Editor's Letter: Let's Get Visible

Matthew Breen

It's clear from the pictures you sent for A Day in Gay America that we are a diverse and passionate group.

Five Women Who Made WAVES
September 16 2011 3:00 AM ET

Five Women Who Made WAVES

Trudy Ring

Just in time for the end of DADT comes the story of five women discharged from the Navy as suspected lesbians in 1965.

Are e-Cigarettes Safer
September 16 2011 3:00 AM ET

Are e-Cigarettes Safer?

Henry Ng, MD

Are e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes for smokers?

What Alternative Long term Care Can Do for You
September 15 2011 3:00 AM ET

What Alternative Long-term Care Can Do for You

Rose Greene

Long-term care policies save taxes and pay off before you die.

Just Another Statistic
September 14 2011 3:00 AM ET

Just Another Statistic?

Jeffrey Hartinger

A California murder reminds us 70% of LGBT homicide victims are people of color.

Lost in Transition: Renee Richards
September 14 2011 3:00 AM ET

Lost in Transition: Renée Richards

Diane Anderson-Minshall

A new film provides a riveting look at Renée Richards, an older woman still struggling to cope with a life of contradictions and personal conflict.

Is Charlotte Ready for Its Close-up?
September 14 2011 3:00 AM ET

Is Charlotte Ready for Its Close-up?

Julie Bolcer

Before the Democratic National Convention rolls into town next year, activists in Charlotte, N.C., are determined to pass a long-overdue package of basic LGBT rights legislation.

Editors Letter October 2011 What It Means to Be Out
September 12 2011 3:00 AM ET

Editor's Letter: What It Means to Be Out

Matthew Breen

Breen lauds Lynch for participating in one of the most fundamental things a person can do to improve the lives of future generations — be out in the public forum.

Our Heroes
September 11 2011 3:00 AM ET

Remembering Sept. 11: Our Heroes

Mubarak Dahir

We look back in time via The Advocate's special cover story after the tragedy on September 11, 2001.

State of Affairs
August 19 2011 12:30 AM ET

State of Affairs

Jeremy Kinser

With Circumstance, her Sundance award-winning debut feature, Maryam Keshavarz exposes a suspense-filled love story between two Iranian girls that culminates in unexpected ways.

About the Cover Artist
August 11 2011 10:00 PM ET

The Back Story on the Cover Artist Editors

John MacConnell, who created the stunning image of Governor Cuomo on our cover, feels deeply rooted in the LGBT community. Not only was he at the legendary Stonewall Inn when the announcement came in that the state of New York had voted in marriage equality, he just happened to be front and center in a photograph of celebrants that appeared on one of the most iconic newspaper covers documenting the historic event. Along with the news, it was an image that went around the world.In addition to designing covers and appearing on them, MacConnell does freelance drawing, painting, and digital art. He’s also a professor at Long Island University teaching illustration and design, and he works full-time for Harlem United, a nonprofit providing HIV prevention, housing, and care services for homeless New Yorkers.The artist says he was ecstatic to be asked to work on our cover. “This is an important issue of The Advocate, and I feel so fortunate that I’m able to be a part of this incredible moment in history.”Take a peek at some of MacConnell's work in the following pages.

Francos Artist Pal Takes Leap Inot Soaps
August 11 2011 9:15 PM ET

Soap Dish

Ari Karpel

In venues from soap operas to major museums, conceptual artist Kalup Linzy is making a name for himself, even without the aid of collaborator James Franco.

On Being Gay by the Strait
August 11 2011 8:30 PM ET

On Being Gay by the Strait

C Brian Smith

The sun shines bright on this 90-mile stretch of Mediterranean seaside villages that has been—for nearly three millennia—the summer playground for Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Moors, and Spaniards. Here come the gays.