What Apps Can't Our '40 Under 40' Live Without?

By Advocate.com Editors

Originally published on Advocate.com August 22 2014 7:00 AM ET

The Advocate: What app could you not live without?

Chris Mosier: I have a flip phone. JUST KIDDING. My favorite app is Strava to track my training.

B. Scott:
WhatsApp. It’s probably the one I use the most. It allows me to stay connected with my friends not only in the United States, but internationally as well.

Jack Andraka:
The one app I can’t live without is definitely Twitter. I love my Twitter.

Janet Mock:

Cameron Esposito:
Spotify. But I really only listen to two songs. I really only listen to Katy Perry's "Roar" while I'm running at full speed on the treadmill and then [anything by Gossip]. I could just buy those songs and that would be cheaper than a Spotify subscription, but hey, I don't want to tell me how to live my life.

Jeremy Hooper:
Twitter! Since becoming a working parent, my time in front of the computer has been cut in half, yet my need for a creative outlet has only increased. The Twitter app allows me to express myself with one hand while shaking a rattle with the other.

Justin Simien:
Google Maps. Waze always takes me to a major intersection that is impossible to cross, so it’s dead to me right now.

Lena Waithe:
Instagram. I’m obsessed with it. It’s amazing. I love a good outfit picture, as my followers know. I show people my outfits before I go to work. And I love seeing people’s lives—a little snapshot.

Calvin Stowell:
Twitter, definitely.

Carmen Carrera:
Instagram. It’s so entertaining. It gives me a little escape. I follow a lot of my fans, and I follow a lot of people who are inspiring to me. I like to take a little escape from my life and laugh.

Erica Anderson:
Twitter and Headspace

Bria & Chrissy:
Yelp! … Bria and I, generally, 9 times of out 10, rarely make a bad [restaurant] choice, or even other places, because of reading other people’s experiences. We rely on it to make our decisions for us. And Pandora.

Will Shepherd:
Twitter. I’m on that shit all the time.

RJ Aguiar:
Twitter is this glorious hodgepodge of information and entertainment. The day that DOMA and Prop. 8 was announced, I was checking Twitter, because you get all those updates in real time. And also, I follow several comedians, so getting their take on it is just awesome. And you can keep up with friends.

Zack Ford:
I was a late adopter of a smartphone and still don't depend on it for anything, even if I may waste time browsing Grindr or playing Angry Birds. Twitter is probably the most essential app I use there.

Richard Carlbom:
I could not live without my Fly Delta app — I'm on the road so much.

JoCasta Zamarripa:
What I'm using a lot lately is my Weight Watchers app.

Heather Cronk:
I use Epicurious a lot. I'm a vegetarian and it's hard to find good vegetarian recipes.

Gregory Varnum:
On my iPhone, I use Zite, which is my favorite way of discovering news related to topics I have a strong interest in and also sharing them on Twitter and Facebook. It can be hard to stay on top of both news articles that I need for work and staying on top of tech articles that I need to stay on top of the trends for things like social media. So I appreciate an app that learns my behavior and just magically finds the most relevant articles that I'd like to read and share with others. Sadly, Zite is going to be shut down in the future after being bought by Flipboard, so I'm going to have to figure out how to live without it soon I suppose.