Behold: Drag Royalty Gets the Glam Treatment in Crowdsourced Book

By Editors

Originally published on July 15 2014 4:00 AM ET

If you stay flexible with your creative vision, you never know what will happen. What started as a small independent film fundraiser has grown into this beautiful-coffee table book. The book, dr.a.g., features drag royalty such as Frank Marino, Eddie Edwards, Randy Roberts, Mr. Kenneth Blake, Chad Michaels, Elaine Lancaster, Jackie Beat, Charles Busch, Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, Jimmy James, Miss Coco Peru, and the legendary Jim Bailey.

dr.a.g., by bookthefilm publishing, is available now at



Courtney Act by Magnus Hastings

Lady Bunny by Peter Palladino

Jaylene Tyme by Nicholas Jang

Jimmy James by Richard Armas

Chad Michaels by Corazon Media

Larry Edwards by Ninon Nguyen

Joan Jullian by Foto Rudesign

Maddelynn Hatter by Magnus Hastings

Morgan McMichaels by William Dick

Nina Flower by Norman Dillon

Elaine Lancaster by Howard Austin Feld

Jackie Beat by Austin Young

Jeffree Star by Austin Young

Joey Arias by Krys Fox

Raja by Peter Palladino

Shannel by William Dick

Randy Roberts by Barry Fitzgerald

Tammie Brown by Dusti Cunningham

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