Kyle Bradford, Actustar both denying Tom Cruise rumor

By Editors

Originally published on May 16 2001 12:00 AM ET

A trip to will reveal denials on the part of both Kyle Bradford (a.k.a. Chad Slater) and French magazine Actustar regarding the alleged affair between wrestler–porn actor Bradford and Tom Cruise. Actustar claims that its original article “clearly stated that we were not talking about facts but rumors. We never said we had met Mr. Slater, and we never said he told us anything. Once again this article was only built on rumors spread through the Internet and was clearly presented as a rumor on our Web site.” Bradford states, “I don’t know Tom Cruise and never said I did.... I’ve never given any such interview and have never even been to France where this ‘affair’ supposedly started.” Michael Musto notes in The Village Voice, however, that the fetching young grappler has, in fact, told the story “to at least three journalists on the record.”