Former British Big Brother Josh jeered

By Editors

Originally published on July 18 2001 12:00 AM ET

Josh Rafter, gay former resident of England’s Big Brother house, was booed off the stage when he appeared at the nightclub GAY, according to The [London] Sun. Josh was recently voted out of the house, leaving the other gay resident, Brian Dowling, a clear favorite to walk off with the prize. Rafter pleaded with the hecklers to stop chanting “Brian, Brian!” by explaining, “I want him to win too!” Flight attendant Brian (or, as the Sun puts it, “trolley dolly”), meanwhile, is regaling housemates with on-the-job tales, claiming that he had been chatted up by a former star of the popular British soap EastEnders. He’s not saying which one, though, insisting, “I’m not going to say anything else, or I will make myself look stupid.”