Ellen DeGeneres talks parenting, family, and coming out in interview with mother Betty


Originally published on Advocate.com January 17 2002 1:00 AM ET

Ellen DeGeneres tells her mother, Betty, "I hope to have at least one child, if not more, and I will try to figure out the best way to do that," in an exclusive interview just posted on HRC. The star of The Ellen Show touches on a number of other topics, including her relationship to her mother ("[I]t helps that you embrace not only me but my relationship, which is a very important thing for me to share"), coming out ("I didn't realize how much pain I was holding in and how hard that is to live with because it wasn't a big deal to me"), and the challenges that gay and lesbian parents face ("You also have to know that, on some level, the kid is going to have a hard time at school, no matter where they are, because it's hard to be different growing up"). The second part of the interview will be posted February 1.