Lions Gate acquires Gaspar Noë's controversial Irreversible

By Editors

Originally published on September 12 2002 12:00 AM ET

Several critics at the Cannes Film Festival raved about Irreversible, the new film from French director Gaspar Noë (I Stand Alone), while others walked out over the film's controversial 10-minute rape scene, a string of homophobic and misogynist epithets uttered by the film's gangster characters, and a visit to a gay S/M club called Rectum. But, as reports, Lions Gate Films can be included among the film's supporters, as the independent distributor acquired the film for release in the United States.

In a prepared statement, Lions Gate president Tom Ortenberg said, "Gaspar Noë has created a cinematic masterpiece. Irreversible is brilliant and controversial and will be a perfect complement to the Lions Gate theatrical schedule." Lions Gate has championed such controversial films as Dogma, O, and the forthcoming The Rules of Attraction.